Black Friday Idiocy

Human Behavior

To all of you who rushed out yesterday morning in mobs to get the best deals I have to ask: what the hell is wrong with you people? Every year, the Friday after Thanksgiving, most retailers offer discounts to increase their sales, but are they really such great deals that people have to get hurt or even die for? The only thing I can think of to compare the behavior witnessed all over the nation yesterday is what we tend to see on news broadcasts from third world nations when the Red Cross supply trucks arrive. People trampled, brawled, shot and killed, but not for the lack of bread, water or desperately needed medical supplies, but for X Boxes, TVs, stainless steel grills with the side hotplate attachment, never to be touched treadmills and ellipticals, Chinese manufactured toys,  and other useless commodities. What exacerbates the situation even further is that anything that was bought yesterday can still be purchased today, or Monday, for $10 or so more.

This country is in the clutches of a financial crisis and it is time for us to start living more within our own means, but how many of you that went out yesterday bought things you did not need with money you don’t have? So Christmas is coming up, and gifts need to be bought, but its not an excuse to practice irresponsible spending and violent mob behavior. If Timmy gets a PS3 today, or December 25th or January 2nd, do you honestly think its going to make that much of a difference in your lives that would justify what happened yesterday? It won’t. You may have convinced yourself that you need all the things you bought yesterday, but you don’t.

A man crushed to death and pregnant woman seriously injured (link), 2 shot to death (link), and countless other acts of primitive violence (link), all committed in order to buy unnecessary things with money you don’t have. You all disgust me and should be ashamed of yourselves.

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