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My name is Bojan Beran (shocking I know) and I am a user interface developer and designer, as well as a start-up consultant, system administrator and graphic designer. If you couldn’t tell from that long list, I don’t get much sleep, also indicated by the fact I wrote this bit of self serving literature at 4am. Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was born in a little town in ex-Yugoslavia named Bihac. Its real, seriously, look it up. Anyways, I grew up in Sarajevo, until the war forced my family to emigrate to Serbia, Croatia, Italy, back to Croatia and eventually the lovely and sunny San Diego, California where I have spent my life since. I’ll save you the uneventful early years and skip to when I was 14 and started playing with MS Paint. Eventually I got hold of a “Eastern European” version of Photoshop and became instantly hooked. I started designing Winamp skins, stickers, flyers, magazine spreads and other print type media. Shortly after that I started dabbling with website design and started building websites for free for people just to learn how it was done. But I never really took my design/web work seriously.

Eventually, I started college and decided I wanted to get a “real” career so I enrolled as an Electrical Engineering major. Five years later I had my bachelors degree in EE and strong dislike of the field and vast majority of people in it. Luckily, I kept designing and developing during school and when I graduated I joined up with the RCSB Protein Data Bank as their primary systems administrator. A year later I started development on an in-house monitoring tool called ServerStalker that kept track of all of our major systems and services as well as polled their stats and informed us of any issues. Before I had a chance to finish the tool, I was pulled off systems and given the task of redesigning the entire front end of our site and rewrite most of the views layer. Until I left the PDB, I had been coding, designing and sys-admin-ing all at once.

After almost a decade at UCSD as a student and employee, I was offered a position with a media-on-demand company called Ioko as a lead web developer. I’ve been working there since April 2011 although now the company is known as Kit Digital. Since starting, I’ve worked on the AT&T Uverse Online website writing JS/HTML/CSS as well as participating in the UX design process and taking lead with on-boarding new content providers.

If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email:

Electronic Mail: bojan.beran@gmail.com.

If for any reason you wish to hear me rant about shit that pisses me off, feel free to check out my other blog at www.bokib.com.



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