Seeing as  how some of you out there might be in the mood for paying me lots and lots of dollar bills in exchange for my services, I present to you my curriculum vitae in long and winded form.

About Me:

I am a skilled UI web developer and designer as well as system administrator with experience in multiple languages and frameworks as well as networking, data center operations, cluster system design and security. Throughout my years of experience I have quickly and easily picked up new skills, concepts and technologies. I am simply a very driven, self-motivated team player. Check out this sites about me page for even more juicy info (hint: click here).


I have many a skill in the computer industry, so I’ll break them down by category here:

Programming Languages:

  • JavaScript – JavaScript is my main development language. Every project I have done has involved a large amount of JavaScript, both for the UI as well as for Server/Client interactions.
  • Java – I have been developing in Java since 2007, primarily on the RCSB PDB website. We use Struts and Hibernate, but I also have some experience using Spring.
  • Groovy – I started developing in Groovy as part of learning Grails. Much of what I know has carried over from Java and I have used it to write my own side project site Not So Beautiful People (
  • Python – I have used Python for developing systems monitoring and automating applications, both native and web based. A few years ago I wrote an application using Pylons and SQLAlchemy called ServerStalker that does quality assurance of the RCSB PDB systems.
  • PHP – My experience with PHP is fairly basic and mainly consists of maintaining and extending PHP based frameworks (WordPress, Gallery2, Drupal). I have written applications in PHP, but have not used it seriously since 2005.
  • Perl – Any system admin worth his salt knows Perl. I have, however, replaced using Perl with using Python as much as possible in recent years.

Other Languages etc:

  • CSS – I know a whole lot about CSS and the DOM model (including many cross-browser inconsistencies). I am very experienced in both CSS2 and CSS3 standards and am excellent at creating designs that are extremely efficient (using compressed oocss code, inline data, image sprites) as well as backwards compatible style sheets.
  • HTML/XHTML/XML/JRXML – Very experienced with many standards and including the upcoming HTML5 standard.
  • SQL – I am highly efficient at SQL and have experienced using ORM/GORM in Java, as well as experience with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgeSQL.
  • NoSQL (Memcached) – Technically this is not a language, but I have a good deal of experience using  Memcached key/value storage to increase the performance of web applications.
  • AJAX/JSON(P) – These are protocols rather than languages, but I have a great deal of experience with JavaScript client/server interactions and coding practices to protect against cross-site vulnerabilities.


  • Interwoven Teamsite – CMS system used at Kit Digital
  • Extend Publisher – Authoring and media ingestion software used at Kit Digital
  • Struts (2) / Tiles -RCSB PDB uses the Struts2 and Tiles framework for the production site.
  • Grails – I self taught the Grails framework and have built the NSBP website on top of it.
  • Pylons – I’ve used Pylons to develop my server QA application for the PDB called ServerStalker  (
  • Django – I have only used Django once, just to play with it, and have created an HTML5 version of TicTacToe (
  • CakePHP – I spent some time a few years ago building a CMS from ground up using CakePHP.
  • MooTools – Used it at Kit Digital on the AT&T UvO project writing parts of an OO JavaScript style framework.
  • jQuery – I’ve worked with jQuery on both personal projects and in the PDB.


  • IDEs: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE, Coda, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Version Control: CVS, SVN, GIT
  • Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Memcached
  • Servers: Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, LightHTTPD, Paste, Pure-FTPD, Rsyncd
  • Operating Systems: Apple OS X, Linux (many different variations) and Microsoft Windows
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Acrobat, GIMP, Blender(little bit), InDesign, QuarkExpress


  • Servers: Commodity purpose built 32 and 64 bit machines , Dell PowerEdge, Sun SunFire
  • Workstations: Pretty much anything from Dell or Apple, much of it hand built by me.
  • Other: Cisco Catalyst Switches (4506), Cisco CSS 11500 Load Balancers


Kit Digital/Ioko (Solana Beach, CA)

Lead Web Developer
April 2011 – Present

Project: AT&T Uverse Online
Role: Lead Web Developer

  • Participated in UX design and review process.
  • Implemented new features using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/MooTools as well as Extend Media Publisher and Player as well as Interwoven Teamsite CMS
  • Profiled and refactored code and features to increase performance and maintainability
  • Worked with 3rd party content providers (HBO/Cinemax) in integrating 3rd party components into the site as well as on-boarding new content.
  • Worked on implementing new designs from PSD templates into CSS/HTML/JS functional elements
  • Designed and implemented reports using Google Analytics, Jasper Reports and custom data stores
  • Worked in a 3 week SCRUM cycle

RCSB Protein Data Bank (La Jolla, CA)

Programmer Analyst III
September 2004 – April 2011

Site Statistics for (approx)

  • Hits per Month  – 4,500,000     Bandwidth per Month  – 850GB     Unique Users per Month – 160,000

Web UI Developer

  • Redesigned the entire website front-end from ground up
  • Optimized site wide JavaScript increasing loading performance up to 33%
  • Dramatically improved W3C and cross-browser compliance
  • Wrote custom Views framework
  • Wrote JavaScript widget framework basted on jQuery
  • Working on Simple Smart Search UI
  • Created Simple View framework and workflows
  • In charge of user interface for all new features

Software Development

  • Developed production level database driven web applications
  • Wrote web applications for inventory and server status tracking
  • Designed data pipelines to link multiple mirrors across the country
  • Wrote automation tools for server maintenance and stats tracking
  • Wrote monitoring tools for usage analysis and expansion planning


  • Head of System Administration for the PDB since June 2007
  • Wrote technical portion of the 2009 PDB grant renewal proposal
  • Responsible for day to day management of all student interns
  • Responsible for all hardware purchasing
  • Designed monitoring applications to analyze network performance

System Administration

  • Designing server solutions for new and replacement data clusters
  • Daily maintenance of all production and development servers
  • Support for workstation development systems and laptops

Not So Beautiful People (San Diego, CA)

Co-Founder and Lead Developer
October 2009 – Still here…

Not so Beautiful people is a dating website side project started by myself and my colleague. We are developing the entire application ground up in Grails, MySQL and jQuery and it is taking many a sleepless night. For now, all of the sites design, and development is being done by myself while on lots and lots of caffeine, taurine, vitamins B-6 and B-12, sucrose and glucose. Alpha release is live with constant tweaks and improvements coming out, but has not been advertised anywhere.

Freelance (San Diego, CA)

Site: You are on it!
Web Designer, Developer, Sysadmin, Start-up Consultant
June 2001 – Still doin’ it when I got time…

Web Designer

  • Developed small business websites using mainly PHP, Python, jQuery and MySQL
  • Designed media rich content for clients using Flash and jQuery
  • Consulted about server/data center requirements

Graphic Designer

  • Design overall brand and business identities including logos, business cards, letterhead and signage
  • Design promotional items such as posters, fliers, passes, etc.
  • Design custom packaging for various products

Systems Administrator

  • Consulting for hardware purchases
  • Installing and (re)configuring system
  • Setting up networking

Web Start-Up Consultant

  • Strategic planning of short and long term hardware requirements
  • Strategic planning of software features and releases
  • Agile training and organization
  • Software development on contract basis
  • Design on contract basis


University of California, San Diego
BS in Electrical Engineering
Focus in Modern Control Systems

Design Portfolio:

pdbRCSB PDB ( – This has been my bread and butter job as well as one of the most awesome places to work for the last 5 years. I started off as a sysadmin here and moved up to lead UI Developer. I spent 6 months redesigning the entire front end of the site. There were 2 constraints that limited what could be done with the site: 1. there is just a ton of data that needs to go on each page and 2. the new design had to look like the old one as much as possible (oxymoron, I know). The design I came up with has not only been praised by our users but has led to an increase in usage of the site in general. A few competitors have since then adopted many features and design aspects into their own sites.

NSBPNot So Beautiful People ( – This is my start-up and pet project. Along with developing most of the back end framework. I have designed and are continuously refining the look, feel and overall UI. Its no where close to done, but I think Mr. Fluffington, the site mascot, approves so far.


Galeria JANGaleria JAN ( – This was a combination design and hack for an art gallery in La Jolla. The client wanted a pretty site with tons of features that had a point and click interface for handling everything. To do this, I installed Drupal, Gallery2, hacked the two to work together, and designed a custom skin for each. ( – Redundant link is redundant. Seriously though, this was meant to be my tech blog, but even though I have about 6 articles saved up, I can’t get enough time to proof read them and publish them so it sits there….mostly empty. At least it is pretty. This blog, along with a few old ones, have over the years had tens of different skins, most of which have been lost due to upgrading.

Tic Tac Toe – I created this game as an interview task. It’s written using Python (Django) on the server side and HTML5 standard on the client side. I have also provided the source code for anyone who wants to play with it.

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